ReadText property

I’m kind of dilemma when reading the old forums and EggPlant command manual for “ReadText”.

It says “Returns the text in a given screen rectangle.”. So I guess it still valid both Static and Dynamic.

I’ve a scenario where I need to record results from a SQL Database and thus I’ve captured two images with top left and Bottom Right coordinates. So In theory, when script runs, it will try to find the text content within the Top Left and Bottom right and record text details as expected but actually it wasn’t.

For some reason, Script searches for image that was captured and as a results it can’t find logs an error image not found with 'Image Doctor".

Is my interpretation wrong on analysing the functionality for “ReadText” property?

It would probably help if you included your command. As I understand it - you are using two images to define a rectangle and read the text in that rectangle. That should work, so maybe you have a syntax error in your script.

Hi Jonathan, Thanks for the response.

I’m sure it wasn’t a typo with the syntax as I see the line by line trace and confirms the text hasn’t been found within the selected Rectangle.

It always try to search the image rather than text within the coordinates.

So all I did, enter Capture Image and then select action “Image Location” and save images. Opened saved images and then edited coordinates as left corner & bottom corner and save.

Is there anything wrong with the Capture process?

There aren’t any known problems with the capture process. If you are seeing the images in your images folder as you captured them but the script isn’t able to find them you should email those to support.

In that response it would help if you gave some screen shots and/or an example of exactly what is going wrong. Is it reading the text in the wrong area? Is it not able to match the images to define the rectangle? Is it reading the wrong characters?