readText inside video player


We’re attempting to rewrite the functionality of a previous test script for an update to our software. We would have preferred to use remoteClipboard, but the text string in question is not selectable. Screenshot attached.

Previously, we were able to use the readText function to read the time elapsed in the video player. The function picked it up easily as it was white text on a black background. However, with the new update the string is now part of a translucent overlay making the background behind the texting always changing depending on which video is playing.

I have been unable to get readText to report the correct string consistently. At best, it gets close, but has trouble differentiating between (“0”, “6”, “9”), (“1”, “/”), and (“3”, “5”, “8”).

I have been tinkering with the contrast options, and have set validCharacters to “1234567890:/-”. Changing the rectangle causes some variation in the result, but not with any sort of identifiable pattern.

I am curious if:

A) There is a better way to do this
B) If we simply need to work with the contrast/trim/etc options more, if after reviewing the screenshot you could provide any insight as to which values would be best to try
C) Any other thoughts