readTable Help

Is there a way to click on a specific item of a row using read table? I have tried to click using imageFound(text) but if the text exists above the row it clicks on that instead. I tried creating using imagerectangle to box the text in the row, which works, but it won’t work for rows where text is missing from the column i’m looking for (in which case i need it to do nothing and move on to next row).

please help! :smiley:

Usually you want to target the row and column and the easiest way to do that is to use the row and column labels. So you find the column and use the x coordinate for that, and then you find the row and use the y coordinate for that. Those two values give you a third coordinate where you can read or click:

put imageLocation("columnLabel").x into into item 1 of cellCoords
put imageLocaiton("rowLabel").y into item 2 of cellCoords
put readText(cellCoords) into myvar