Read an item at particular row and column in excel/csv file


I am trying to read individual items in a excel/csv file. For example I want to write a function which takes the row and column number of the excel file as arguments, and returns the item at the given row and column number.

Some thing like this,

Read_Data_From_CSV(FilePath, Row, Column)

Appreciate any help on this!!!


Maybe this will work for you:

to Read_Data_From_CSV FilePath, Row, Column
  if there is no file FilePath then throw "File Not Found", FilePath
  return item Column of line Row of file filePath
end Read_Data_From_CSV

You may want to expand on that to do additional error checking. If you’ll be calling this function a lot it may be more efficient to read the file once and then access that data repeatedly (the solution shown here will read the file each time it is called).

Thanks A Lot!!!

Will try that.