"Unable to find Image at:" Suddenly I'm getting th

These images are in my Suite but about every 5th image… Eggplant is unable to find images…

I tried restarting…

I am asking that machine to work hard so… maybe it’s out of memory?


It’s not likely to be a memory issue, but you’ll need to be much more specific about exactly what the problem is before anyone will be able to help diagnose it.

So, this is interesting. I did a coupla things lately.

  1. Backed up my machine using Super Duper and restored it so I could install a bigger drive.

  2. Switched to Virtual Box instead of Parallels.

What’s happening is… suddenly… all my images are NOW cAse SensiTive!

Wacky huh? I thought it was because of Virtual Box but when I went back to Parallels… same deal… Whateve… my workaround is just to do a global find and replace through my scripts with Text Wrangler… replacing any offending miscapped images references in SenseTalk.

Bizarro huh?

So, is there a case sensitivity setting in Eggplant somwhere? I have one machine that is not cases sensitive… and now this one that is.

Eggplant stores its images as files in the file system. Case sensitivity is a characteristic of some file systems. I guess you probably formatted your new bigger drive using a different file system than the old one, so it is now case-sensitive.

Eggplant tries to work with case-sensitive file systems in some situations (I think it will still find your scripts, for example) but not for image files, I guess.

That’s it!

Somehow… I formatted my new drive Mac OS Journaled, Case Sensitive…