"No Suite For Script" error with Eggplant Green


I’m having some trouble with Eggplant Green. I’ve got a tester who wrote a script for me and it runs fine on his machine. He sent me the script file plus his captured images, and I copied those into my ~/Documents/Eggplant.suite/Scripts and /Images folders, respectively.

When I launch Eggplant and try to run his script, I routinely get the following error sheet:

No Suite For Script

Only scripts within ~/Documents/Eggplant.suite may be opened with this version of Eggplant.
Would you like to copy the scripts and images into your library?

My two choices are: Copy or Cancel. Even if I choose Copy, I seem to get this error again later. In fact, several times I’ve had Eggplant get stuck in an endless loop of these sheets - dismissing one results in another taking its place. The really strange thing is that my machine also beeps at me (like I’m holding down an inappropriate key) while the sheet is displayed, even though I’m not holding down any keys.

Please help! I need to verify that my tester’s script works and these dialogs are driving me crazy!

Has anyone else run into this problem?




We have identified some scenarios where the copy doesn’t work leading to the scenario you describe here. We hope to have a patch for this problem shortly. It would actually help if you could send the script and images to support@redstonesoftware.com.


To work around the problem for the time being – you can disable the
“Reopen suites and scripts” On Startup in Eggplant Preferences.