"Image Generator" - Issue


On using this feature and run the script I am getting an error saying " there is no remote connection". Can you please help me in this regard.

I am not able to use this feature. Can you please give me some examples to go about.

Thanks & Regards,

If you’re trying to use the Text Image Generation for Windows, you need to download the Text Image Generator executable (http://testplant.com/downloads/WindowsTIG.zip) to the Windows machine, install it, and start it running.

If you’re trying to use it to test a Mac, then you’re seeing some other problem, so let us know.

For examples, see pages 16-22 of the Using Eggplant manual.

how do I identify the text style and font on Mac?

If your app isn’t using default fonts, your developers should be able to tell you what fonts they specified. This should be part of the deliverable.

If you can’t get that information from them, then you need to resort to guessing. We hope in the future to be able to provide some means of extracting that information from the SUT.