"Drag" wants to invoke "Copy" on IOS dev

I need a reliable way to just swipe down or swipe up without keying off an image.

I don’t know why but invoking DRAG on ios3 just brings up COPY.

Thanks for any help.

Drag is the only way of simulating a swipe. Try changing the amount of time that the mouse is held down at the end of the drag. It’s .3 seconds by default; maybe that’s long enough to trigger some other event. This is not a setting that is normally exposed in the UI, so you have to set it via the command line. With eggPlant closed, open a Terminal or command window and enter the following command:

defaults write Eggplant dragEndDelay .1

I picked the value .1 because it’s a much shorter delay than .3 seconds, but it may not be the right value (and this might not be the problem – it’s just a guess at this point); if this doesn’t help, you can try setting it even lower. If it’s ultimately not helping or perhaps even causing other problems, you can restore the default setting by using this command from a command line prompt:

defaults delete Eggplant dragEndDelay

You might also try setting the Mouse Drag Speed to 1, either by changing it in the Preferences (Preferences > Run Options > Mouse) or by setting it in your script using the code:

set the MouseDragSpeed to 1

I’m seeing exactly the same symptoms as mentioned above. I’ve tried setting the mentioned setting by Matt but it made no difference.

Did you ever find a solution?