Quicktime framerates?

What kind of framerates might I expect to be able to capture?
I’d be running the Vine server on a Dual 1 GHz G4 Mac while simultaneously running a game (at 800X600, thousands of colors) that causes 90% of both processors to be utilized.

The Vine client would be on a 897 Mhz G4 Mac connected on a LAN via Gigabit ethernet.

I’m currently running Snapz Pro for capuring the screen in QT movies on the same machine as the game and that causes the game to run slowly. Might I be able to see 30 FPS of a fullscreen game over a Gigabit connection?

That’s a really good question. I’m not sure if you’ll get the kind of framerates that you are hoping for but it will definitely have less impact on the running machine than Snapz Pro.

I would recommend setting the encoding to something less intensive than the Zlib-Hextile default, you might even try Raw.

Please post your results here as we might have additional feedback based on what your results are.

PS. What game are you running?

:smiley: Its called ThinkTanks, a 3D arcade style game that took 5 minutes to learn and has kept me playing for 3 years.


OK, I’ll give recording a QT movie with Vine a try and report my experience.