QuickLook plug-in

Have you had any call to create a Quick Look plug-in for the Mac? Since there’s very little file management inside Eggplant, and therefore I end up using the Finder to manage files, it would be great if I could use the spacebar to preview a .script file.

I’ve tried QLStephen, which works since it’s technically just a text file. And that’s not too bad, but an Eggplant specific QL plug-in would display the colors as well.


No, we haven’t had any call for that. What sort of “file management” do you feel is lacking? What are you finding that you have to do through the Finder?

If you have something that does a quick look on the script as a text file, it’s doubtful that anything that we would provide would do more than that. The colorization of the file is accomplished by actually parsing it through the SenseTalk compiler. I think there would be way too much going on there to build into a Quicklook plugin.

File management as in : There is no list of Suites anywhere. If it isn’t open, you have to go to the finder, or go to Open Suite… and find it, at which point, you might as well be in the finder.

It can also be frustrating trying to find a script that has a piece of code you want to re-use (especially if you don’t remember which suite it’s in, but you think you know the name) That’s where the quicklook plugin would be nice.

If you’re on a Mac, I can explain what I’ve done as an example of what I’d like to see built-in to the application.

  1. Save a custom Spotlight Search for Kind: Other : EggplantTestSuite on your sidebar.
  2. Save a custom Spotlight Search for Kind: Other : EggplantTestScript on your sidebar
  3. Go to Open Suite… (This brings up a finder window, essentially)… then click on your SpotlightSuiteSearch. Yay- you can see all of your suites, and none of the other items on your machine.
  4. Go to Open Script … Then click on your SpotlightScript search. Now you have all of your scripts within view, even though they’re nested inside folders. You can sort by Name, date or anything that makes sense. If you click on one and press the spacebar… you get a nice picture of the icon. Instead of a quicklook view of the code.

What I would love to see is some sort of Landing page, with a layout of Suites and scripts. It might be similar to the listing of Scripts from within the suite, but with a preview of the code as well.

We were getting a demo of this recently, and I mentioned this missing feature. The tech rep agreed with me. Not two minutes later, he wanted to show us a piece of code. The script wasn’t in his recent items, so he had to go to his finder and dig around. I didn’t let that go unmentioned :slight_smile:

Thanks for your consideration.