Putting similar images found into an array


I have many similar images found in my SUT. I want to put that images into an array. And foreach images I want it to be captured and saved. Could anyone here give me a sample code or script?

Just use “my_image” for the image name.


I’m not sure I understand exactly what you’re looking for, but there is an everyImageFound() function that returns a list (SenseTalk doesn’t use arrays) of the coordinates where each instance of the image was found. This can be used for things like clicking every checkbox on a page. The code for something like that would look like this:

put everyImageLocation("my_image") into myImageList
repeat with each myImageLocation of myImageList
       click myImageLocation
end repeat

If this isn’t what you’re looking for, let me know. If you can provide a little more detail on your scenario, I may be able to provide a more satisfactory answer.


Thanks Matt. This is what I am looking for.