Problems with SendMail

Hello Guys,

 Am new to this forum :roll: . I tried a lot to use sendMail function but could not get it working. Anyone please suggest what is going wrong or if any other settings have to be  done.

References used- - For setting Preferences. The preferences window does not have any kind of save button which is weird, how do we make sure preferences are saved!
Eggplant functional ver.16.01-Windows

Tested with TLS, SSL and all the ports listed on for gmail.

When i run the script with this line below,
sendMail (To:"", Subject:“Test email worked!”)

Am getting this error (screenshot attached):-

12/06/2016, 15:43:50 START Running Untitled3.script
12/06/2016, 15:44:21 Exception sendmail Failed (see console for details).
12/06/2016, 15:44:21 EndTestCase (Duration:“30.832”, Errors:“1”, Exceptions:“1”, StartTime:“2016-06-12 15:43:50 +0100”, Successes:“0”, TestCase:“Untitled3.script”, Warnings:“0”)
12/06/2016, 15:44:21 FAILURE Error Running Script Command sendmail Error - sendmail Failed (see console for details). – Execution Time 0:00:31 Untitled3.script

Any update on this one please??

If you are using gmail as your smtp host, try this:

sendmail (smtp_host: "", smtp_type:"Login", smtp_user: "<GmailAccount>", smtp_password: "<GMail>", smtp_port: "465", to: "<Email>", from: "<Email>", subject: "<Some>", body: "<Some>")