Problems connecting OSXvnc server using a web browser

I am not able to connect OSXvnc server from a web browser and I don?t understand where the problem is. The scenario is the following:
I have a DSL modem router Netgear DG834GT connected to 2 PC at home, the first is a windows XP ( as Ip Lan) the second is a Mac OS X Intel( as Ip Lan). Only on the Mac is installed the OSXvnc server since I would like to control just this one.
I opened on the router the port 5900 and forwarded it to internal Ip (the one of the Mac running OSXvnc).
I downloaded VNC Client Java applet to my Mac at home, then put directory (vcn java) in my user ?Sites? directory, enabled web serving (System Preferences->Sharing, check “Personal Web Sharing”) and at the end I disabled also firewall on my Mac for port 5900.
when I try from an any external pc (a friend?s one or internet caf?) to connect to my Mac at home using a web browser like Microsoft Internet Explorer with the following entry:

For example: supposing my external Mac Ip is

I didn?t get any connection…WHY??? :cry:

(If can help, I don?t have any problem to see the desktop of my Mac at home when on the external pc a vnc viewer is loaded. In this case I can run the viewer, enter in the ?WNC server:? EXTERNAL MACHINE’S_IP:5900
For example
and a new window pops up asking for password before getting the connection.)

Could you please help me?


My apologies that this post waited so long for a reply.

The Web/Java viewer requires that you open and forward the HTTP port 80 as well as port 5900.

That should resolve the situation you are running into.