Problem with "long name" and other script properti

Using Version 10.2 (1763) on OSX

i want to read the “long name” property of the current script. with the following code:

put new "Global/Common/Config" into oConfig
put oConfig.init() into result

--Init function of the Config script
function Init

put me.long name --does not work
put oConfig.long name --does not work
put my long name --does not work
put Config.long name --does work

end function

in general: why is it not possible to access these properties when operating with the object? ->

put new "Global/Common/Config" into oConfig
put oConfig.long name --does not work

When you create an object with code like this:

put new "Global/Common/Config" into oConfig

the object oConfig doesn’t actually have a “name” (the object is stored in a variable whose name is ‘oConfig’ but that’s not actually the name of the object. Similarly, it was created from the “Global/Common/Config” script object, which becomes its helper, but doesn’t give it a name). So the long name property returns empty. You may want to use the long id property instead which should result in a unique identifier for every object.

ah i see. so i could take the first helper of my object to receive its script properties… better than nothing. thank you very much for your explanation!