Problem with Disconnect


I’m having some problem getting the connection to disconnect. Is there something that would allow me to check if the connection is still connected so I can keep running the Disconnect command to try to get it to shut down?

My current script:

repeat with each ConnectionData in ConnectionListData
delete item 1 of ConnectionData
runWithNewResults (ConnectionSetup &&& ConnectionData) as Parameters
MainTestcaseLoop ListofTestcaseName, ListofTestcaseRowData
wait 15
end repeat

As you can see, I am connected to a SUT and then running a bunch of test scripts before disconnecting from the SUT. Or at least that was the plan. However, it doesn’t disconnect and just connect to the next SUT.

Thanks in advance for your help,

Additional info:

I use put ConnectionInfo().Status

It shows that its not connected, but in the Connection List it still show it as connected and the Remote Screen Window remains up.

Is this a bug?


We can confirm that there are some bugs in Eggplant 3.3 and 3.31 with Disconnect and with the connection state getting out of sync. These will be addressed in the next version of Eggplant.