Problem in reading text using eggPlant functional

I am facing problem in reading text that is written in white color surrounded by dark orange background.

The code I used is:

put imagelocation(text:”22”)

Please refer the attached image.

I run the above script on Win 8 Firefox, OS X 10.6 Safari 5.1.9, Win 7 Chrome and it showed me an exception.

It is running fine on Win 7 Firefox and Win 8 IE11.


I recommend setting the Contrast to on, and setting the ContrastColor to the orange background color of the text you’re searching for. Then, I also recommend setting a SearchRectangle. It’s probably easiest to do this using images. You can read about setting the Contrast and ContrastColor, as well as setting a SearchRectangle using images, in “Working with OCR”:

I used images captured of the “SELECT OUTBOUND DATE” text at the top of the window, and created a rectangle that would encompass both calendar images. Since I am on a Mac, I used the magnifying glass to determine the value of the orange color for ContrastColor. Then, I ran the code below, and it worked perfectly:

MoveTo (Text:"22", searchrectangle:("TLImage","BRImage"),contrast:on,contrastcolor:(253,143,37))

I hope that helps!