Print Stack Trace?

Hello, Gurus!

Is there a way to print a stack trace when a handler bombs?

When I catch an exception and email it to myself, all I get is something like:

Runtime Error at line 2: Image Not Found - drag Error - No Image Found On Screen: "("Notation/Selection/gfx_smartShapeMeasDeleted")"
For additional help please review the 'Image Searching' section of the 'Using Eggplant' manual.

Chances are pretty good that this is in a handler somewhere else in our structure, as line 2 of the script that failed is a comment.



Try using the callStack() function in your catch block.

Also note that the exception object itself includes the call stack right to the point where the error occurred. You can access it in your catch block like this:

catch exception
	put exception.callStack -- the call stack of the exception
end try