Permissions on 'Vine' file

I am having some permissions issues with the passwd/auth file. It gets written as a dot-file in the application bundle directory (at least for me, as well as for several other posts on the forums).

I’m pretty tight with the permissions on my Applications folder, and I keep the whole tree owned by root:admin with permissions ug+rwX,o+rX (755,644).

The .osxvncauth file is getting created as 620 for some reason. This causes errors on the viewer side saying the password file cannot be read, which is true. I have to manually fix the permissions to connect.

Has something changed to cause this bug? I never had this problem with old OSXVnc versions.


The server is capable of writing the password file to a variety of locations, in the next release we are going to prefer the users directory.

As a workaround with the current version you can issue the following command in a Terminal and then reset your password to get the auth file someplace more to your liking.

defaults write com.redstonesoftware.Vine PasswordFile DESIREDPATH

Thanks much for the reply. In the string we use to set that plist default, will shell expansion work? Specifically, can I use a path like ‘~/.osxvncauth’, or must it already be a fully expanded path?

I was afraid you would ask that…

Version 2.1 requires those values to be fully expanded and will be evaluated only when the application starts up (so you can’t create it or fix permissions after that)

When Version 2.2 comes out you will be able to put tilde for home directory expansion and it will be re-evaluate each time it is needed.