Performance testing Omnis application

I have a requirement in stress testing an Omnis application. Presently the automation team are using eggplant for automation purpose. Heard that eggplant can be used for performance testing as well, any one who has used eggplant for performance/stress testing please let me know your experiences, limitations of eggplant. Please share any information/user guide if you have for performance testing using eggplant.

eggPlant can be used for load testing in a couple of different ways. If you’d like, we can send you a white paper outlining how you can use it, but it boils down to 3 different approaches:

  • Using multiple eggPlant licenses, each representing a virtual user
  • Using a single eggPlant license to rapidly switch between machines and start a long process (i.e. start a video playing)
  • Using eggPlant to measure user actions, in conjunction with a traditional load generation tool.

Please contact if you are interested in the whitepaper.