Performance issues

A short while ago, I was using OSXvnc with CotVNC to run my Mac mini (Intel) from my laptop on 10.4.8. Everything was going OK (a little bit laggy, but not too bad). Then I decided to update a few bits of software and found Vine Server. Once I installed it I was thrilled with the performance. The slight lag seemed to be gone and things were working a bit more smoothly.

But then, about a week later, the 10.4.9 update came out and I installed it. Now the feedback lags so much it’s almost unusable. The keyboard/mouse input works mostly ok although it does stutter occasionally (I can see it on the TV), but the video can take several seconds to come back.

I performed Onyx cache-cleaning, permissions-repairing, etc. both before and after installing the update. I tried a java viewer and the results were no better. I’m not sure where to begin troubleshooting this problem. Any help?

We aren’t seeing any significant slowdowns here but we’ve heard of some trouble with the 10.4.9 update.

If you wouldn’t mind testing something for us, it’s possible that some of these slowdowns are related to the rich clipboard features of vine. Try disabling that feature on the Server (under the Sharing tab) and restarting the Vine Server. Let us know if that improves your performance (which will help us identify that area for a future patch).

Well, I have disabled the rich copy feature (I didn’t even realize before what it did or meant!) and I am still having inconsistent lagging issues. It works sporatically.

The input and output are both troublesome, but not necessarily in a syncronized manner (sometimes the keyboard/mouse will work while waiting for the video to catch up, other times not). The other kicker is that I’ve downgraded to 10.4.8 and that’s still not helping.

I’ve got AP Grapher running and I can see a relatively consistent wifi signal. I can even see its still strong (on the attached TV) while I’m waiting for the video to come back. It’s very frustrating.

Anything else I can try?

But… I’ve still got 10.4.9 on the laptop (the remote viewer).