pause on failure

While debugging my scripts I would like the ability to have the script pause on a failure. That would allow me to correct the script line using the Do box, recapture a changed image, etc and then continue the script. Otherwise I have to restart the script.

This sounds like a useful enhancement. I have no idea how much effort this would require, but we’ll add it to the list of possible future features.

I should point out that if you have the Image Doctor set to manual (Run menu > Image Doctor > Manual) then this is what eggPlant does. It pauses and allows you to make changes related to the image. Those are really the only runtime errors you’re likely to encounter – most problems that aren’t image-related are going to be compile-time, syntax issues, so this feature wouldn’t add much.

I have Image Doctor set to Manual. It does stop if an image isn’t found but is only useful if I’m there to see the dialog. With scripts that can run 5 or 10 minutes or more it’s easy to miss the timed Image Doctor dialog.

It also doesn’t stop during script development or updating if, say, the image name is misspelled or there’s a script error that’s not caught until run time.

You can set the image doctor to come up paused with no timer if that works better for you. To do that you enter the following command in the Terminal or cmd window:

defaults write Eggplant DelayForDoctor 0

Or if you just want it to wait for a long time but not indefinitely, replace the “0” with the desired number of seconds.

That’s good to know. Thanks. That should be in the documentation. Better yet, make it an option under the Run menu.