Pause does not work consistently

The Pause button is not consistently avaliable
It looks disabled most of the time

Hello, Sunny. This would seem to be an issue for our support team; you should be using email or our Greenhouse customer support system to submit these issues. One advantage to you of using Greenhouse is that you can track the status of your case and know that it has been entered into our case tracking system. Similarly with e-mail, communications related to your case are logged in our system. In addition to the tracking issues, the advantage to us of using e-mail is that if you use your company e-mail, we will know who you are and we can figure out some of the missing details from our records, such as which platform you are running eggPlant on – as it is, I have to ask you whether you are using the Mac, Linux, or Windows product and which version. Lastly, if you have an active support contract, you are paying for e-mail support, which has priority over the forums; the forums are intended as a community resource and there is no guarantee that TestPlant will respond to forum posts in any particular time frame. Please e-mail support about this issue and provide as much detail as possible about your environment.

i will do that