pasting a chunk of text into a field?

Just wondering if there is an easy way in Eggplant to paste a chunk of text into a field (and maybe iterate it by importing it from a tab delimited text file)?

On my SUT I am creating classified ads and if I use the type text command it is slower than I would like to slap a chunk o’ text in the field for the ad.

Please let me know.



Sure, you can easily read in a file in Eggplant and iterate over it. Then you can move the text to the clipboard of the SUT with the setRemoteClipboard command and paste it into your field:

put file "filenameWithPath" into data
set the item delimiter to tab
repeat with each item of data
     setRemoteClipboard it -- where "it" is the built-in reference to the
                                      -- current item in the iteration
     // do what you need to do to select/clear the field here
     TypeText "\cv\C" -- paste if your SUT's a PC
     // TypeCommand "c" -- paste if your SUT's a Mac
     // do any other necessary actions before you get the next chunk
end repeat

I hope that’s enough to get you started. Let us know if you need more assistance or clarification with this.