page down after typetext in a edit field

I’m facing some problem with pagedown.

typetext “Text_”
–focus stays in this webedit field and pagedown doesn’t happen
repeat while not imagefound(Img_)
typetext pagedown
end repeat
click imagefound(Img)

–this doesn’t do the required page down

I’m doing a work around like clicking on some part of the page and carry out the next steps.
Do you have a better solution for this?

Have you tried to execute the same actions manually? I’ve noticed that in some browsers (i.e. Firefox) that page down does not work after typing text in a text field even after clicking outside of the box.

I think the best work around for a page down would be to click in the area just above the down arrow in the scroll bar area.

repeat while not imageFound(“something”)
// hot spot for this image should be positioned just above it
Click “arrow”
end repeat

// get coordinates from last imageFound and click it
Click foundImageLocatiion()

Unfortunately, paging down could have the potential of cutting your image off. Therefore, Eggplant might not be able to find your image if only half of your image shows up while scrolling. This could result in an infinite loop. It’s probably best then, to use an additional image just above or below your original image to help reduce the chances of this happening.

repeat while not imageFound(“something”)
Click “arrow”

// did you find the image just above the original
if imageFound("somethingAbove") then
     // down arrow set number of times to bring full image into view (u decide how many)
     TypeText "\v\v\v\v\v\v\v\v\v\v"
end if

end repeat

Click foundImageLocation()

Hope that helps!

Hope that helps!