Other misc. improvements

I’m used to pressing Ctrl+space for command completion. It would be nice if I could use that key.

How about tool tips? I think I want ‘LogError’ but I’m not sure. In most other programs, I could type the command and I’d get a tool tip with a brief description of what the function does and what kind/how many parameters it took.

I just started using this program (again, after a hiatus of several years) a few days ago, but I’m sure I’ll come up with more.

Well – we can help with your first request.

The “Complete” command (and any of the Eggplant Menu Commands) can be remapped using the global System Preferences Application.

[list]Launch System Prefences
Go To Keyboard & Mouse
Go To Keyboard Shortcuts
Hit the [+] button
Select Eggplant as the Application
Enter ‘Complete’ for the Menu Title
With the focus on Keyboard Shortcut Hit Ctrl-Space
Hit the Add Button
You will need to restart Eggplant before the new key sequence will be recognized.

We hadn’t thought of actually tool tipping the Verbs directly, but that might be a good suggestions for the future – keep the good ideas coming.

I tried that, but something weird is going on. The hotkey is shown as ^space, but when I quit System Preferences and reload, it is shown as ^e.

I thought of another one. What kind of editor doesn’t have Search and Replace?

Also, why is it that I can click on the gutter to add a breakpoint, but I can’t click on the breakpoint to remove it? A ‘clear all breakpoints’ would be nice as well.

You are right, something is weird with Mapping Ctrl-Space through that keyboard shortcut in System Prefences. Well – there is more than one way to skin a cat. In this case let’s add the following to your KeyBindings file:

"^ "  = "complete:";

Find and Replace is all there – it’s under Edit->Find on the menu or just bring up the panel with Cmd-F.

Note: A usefull shortcut that I’ve not found on windows is Cmd-E, this puts the current text as the “search on this” value in the find panel without needing to actually copy and paste it. So Cmd-E, Cmd-G means find the next instance of the currently highlighted text, then you can continue to use Cmd-G and Cmd-D to go foreward and back.

Clicking on breakpoints to remove them makes perfect sense – we’ll look to add that – for now you click and drag them out of the gutter.

That doesn’t appear to work either. I entered "^ " (minus the quotes) in the Property List Editor and it displays as ^\U0020. When I Launch Eggplant, Complete shows up as ^E. I guess this is definitely an OS bug. How can I make it ^Tab in the System Preferences? It won’t seem to let me do it directly?

Here is another feature request. It would be nice if you could toggle displaying the cursor location so it could be easily grabbed for commands that take a location.

Also, breakpoints should be saved with the script. I’ve had Eggplant become unresponsive several times in the past few days and I’ve had to kill it, relaunch it, and reset all of my breakpoints. Most of the IDE’s I’ve used on Windows save the breakpoints.

I use long file names and it would be nice if I could resize the 1st column on the (untitled) Save dialog. I don’t even know what the other 2 columns are for, but I’ve never seen anything in them.

Thanks for your additional suggestions.

The Save sheet is a standard system component (so most of its functionality is out of our control). You can resize the first column by dragging the divider between the first and second columns. Resize other columns by dragging the symbol that looks like a sideways “=” at the bottom of the divider between columns. Unfortunately, it seems the column widths are reset again each time the sheet comes up, but at least this should let you see the names of existing scripts. Also, hovering the mouse over a name that’s too long to be fully displayed should show the full name in a popup tooltip.