OSXvnc Sending UK Sterling (?)


We are trying to use OSXvnc to allow a user to work from home part of the time. Everything seems to work as expected and stably.

The only problem is with the ? (GBP), when we try and enter it via OSXvnc we get nothing. I have tried different VNC clients, different OS clients. Nothing seems to generate it.

I have tried my best to investigate whether the scan code can be sent, but to no avail yet.

Does anyone have a solution on how to get a ? displaying on the host.


At this time Vine Server (OSXvnc) does not have support for non US keyboards.

So you need to send those keys as you would on a US-101 keyboard. So the first thing is to set the server machine to think it has a US-101 keyboard. Then you can type a ? by hitting Option-3.

We are hoping to provide better international keyboard support in a future version of Vine Server.