OSXvnc freezing on Panther

I’m having problems with OSXvnc 1.6.1 crashing on Panther (I need to use panther for testing). It seems like after a certain period of time (maybe 2-3 times a day) vnc freezes, the connection is dropped and any mouse clicks on the restart button on the GUI are ignored.

To make matters worse, the vnc process then becomes a phantom process and does not die when root tries to kill it. The only way to restart the process is to restart the machine.

Vnc is set to restart the server if it terminates unexpectedly. Also, the server does not sleep.

Is OSXvnc supported on Panther? If so, is there any way to get around this issue?


OSXvnc is fully supported on panther. We haven’t heard any similar reports of this behavior and we use it on 10.3 all the time. Is this a brand new install of OSXvnc? Can you think of anything else that was going on at the time?