osxvnc and kaboodle

hello all,
i’m using kaboodle 0.99e on my windows xp box and want to vnc into my mac osx box (which is running osxvnc 0.55). kaboodle is able to see the mac itself, but doesn’t detect a running vnc service on it, even though it’s running, plain as day. is there some unknown incompatibility between osxvnc and kaboodle?

First, I see that Kaboodle relies on the RealVNC viewer. Is that installed on your system?

You say it doesn’t “detect” a VNC server – have you tried just inputting the connection info (IP, port number, password) for the connection to see if it can find it? I don’t know what sort of detection Kaboodle might be using, but it could be Windows specific (I doubt it, but it’s possible).

My last suggestion would be to check the firewall settings on both machines – they are often on by default these days, and the right port needs to be open on both ends for the communication to occur. You can find the Mac OS X firewall settings under the Sharing panel in the System Preferences application.

I downloaded RealVNC and set Kaboodle to use its vncviewer.exe. The problem is that when I double-click on the Mac icon to edit its properties, the Connect to VNC on portion is greyed so I can’t edit it. I also went to my firewall properties on the mac and added OSXvnc as an allowed protocol on port 5900. So it shouldn’t be blocked there either. And I can connect to VNC on port 5900 of my Win2003 box, so I know it’s not blocked on the local end.[/b]