OSXvnc Able to Ask Permission to Connect?


I am currently using OSXvnc successfully but I am wondering if there is an option that I can set which requires the server to ok the client to connect.

Basically once I type in the correct vnc password for the server idealy a box would pop up on that machine to ask whether it is ok for me to control it. Is this possible within OSXvnc at the moment?

Many Thanks


OSXvnc currently does not have that feature. We are considering adding it to a future release.

The best way to be notified of new releases is to register at SourceForge or at Version Tracker.

Hi Jonathan

Thanks for your quick response. I will sign up as you suggest.

Failing the ask permission step, is there any way to notify the server screen that you are controling / viewing that machine?

Many Thanks


Well there is no simple way, short of having the controller open a file that says “I’m controlling your machine”. We do hope to add a form of notification in the next release of VNC that would add something to the icon in the dock.

Possibly something like the # of emails that you see for Mail.