OS9 server display update fails

Having an issue with display updates using the OS 9 server. It also happens with ChromiVNC, and doesn’t matter if the client is OSX with Chicken/VNC or WindozeXP/TightVNC. Reduced screen colors and resolution, set priority higher, all kinds of things and same condition happens. After several seconds to perhaps a minute, the client screen is no longer updated, even though the server is fully functional and the client mouse actions function. In other words, if I move the mouse on the client, I cannot see the movement, but if I look at the server, the mouse moves and can perform any action, the action is just not shown on the client.

cannot find anything in the forums or FAQs or even Googling, I’m lost on where to go next.


Joe Heck

The OS9vnc doesn’t receive a lot of attention these days. It does still work on our legacy environment (so it’s not as if it’s totally broken) so it might be something you can resolve by adjusting your environment.

This may go without saying but although you CAN run OS9vnc under Classic mode on Mac OS X you really should not. You should run the OSX version of Vine Server.