Only reverse connections allowed?


I’ve installed Vine Server on a MacBook and VNCviewer on a linux-box.
At first it all worked like a charm, but now I can only do reverse connections.
I have not changed any settings.



Without further information about what exactly is failing it’s hard to say.

I would check for the following:

Make sure that if your firewall is enabled that you have port 5900 (or whichever port you are running on) open in System Preferences -> Sharing.

Make sure that Apple Remote Desktop isn’t enabled in System Preferences -> Sharing or if it is make sure to connect to Vine Server on it’s alternate VNC port.

Make sure that you don’t have “Only allow local connections” checked in the Vine Server Settings.

Make sure that your Server is running on the port that you think it is by doing a “View Log” and observe “listening on port XXX”