On mouse over problem

Hi All,

If I move the mouse in the below triangular icon path (i.e. on ?Star Mark?), our application will display the activity banner as shown below. Here we are able to capture the image on the Banner, but while test execution the mouse pointer was not getting moved on ?Star Mark?. We used MoveTo?starmark? command.

Do we have any Command to move the mouse over the path (Star Mark) and hold it for few second ?

The MoveTo command is exactly what you want, and will move the mouse to the hotspot location of your “starmark” image. The problem may be that Eggplant is then repositioning the mouse again while looking for the banner. Try temporarily turning off the ShouldRepositionMouse property, something like this:

moveTo "starmark"
set the shouldRepositionMouse to false
waitFor 8,"Banner" -- or whatever it is that you're doing next
set the shouldRepositionMouse to true

See if that helps.

Another thing to be aware of, by default Eggplant does mouse moves by “jumping” the mouse to the identified location. Some applications will do roll-overs only if the mouse “crosses” the image border on the way there. I suspect that is the problem here. You can change this behavior in your script temporarily by setting the mouseMoveSpeed from 0 (infinite) to a small number, say 5.

set the mouseMoveSpeed to 5
moveTo "starmark"
set the mouseMoveSpeed to 0

Be aware that if your application is ever used on touch screens (eg iPhones) that the Eggplant “jumping” behavior is something that you will see in production.