Omega 13

Can the Omega 13 script be used on an entire script that is having “image not found” problems?

Can I define how many times I want Omega 13 to attempt to find images?


The omega13 script overrides all of the standard SUT interaction commands (Click, DoubleClick, etc.). As long as it is in use – from the time you give the command “start using omega13” until you give the command “stop using omega13” – it will be catching image not found errors in those commands and giving your script a chance to recover from alert panels or other events that may be temporarily hiding the image your script is looking for.

The omega13 recovery mechanism gives you a chance to try to remove any errant obstructions from the screen, after which it will try one more time to find the image it is looking for. If that fails, your script will get an image not found error as usual.

If you want something more elaborate, like attempting recovery more than once, you can write your own omega13-like script. :wink: Or better yet (simpler for you), build that behavior into your attemptRecovery script.

NOTE: Please be aware that the omega13 mechanism is mainly useful for situations where an image isn’t found because of some random system alert or other window that may pop up unexpectedly during a test. If you are having “image not found” problems for some other reason, you are much better off using the Image Doctor to help determine the cause of the problem and resolve it.

[Note: For those who aren’t familiar with the omega13 script, type “omega13” in the Ad Hoc Do Box to see a description.]