OCR problem

Hi I am able to read the all values in the list . but while coming to PCT18 the script is not able to select the the device.
here , i am pasting my code

Repeat 20 times
	add 1to x
	SetOption RemoteWorkInterval, 1.5 
	Set the ImageSearchTime to 10
	set Found to YES
	Repeat while  not imagefound (Text: "PCT"&x,Searchrectangle :("TopleftImage","BottomRightImage"),validCharacters:"PCT"&x, ContrastColor: White,Contrast:"On")
		if imagefound ("ScrolledToBottom") or if not imageFound("ClickDownArrow") 
			LogError "PCT" && x && "is not available in Lonnetwork"
			set Found to NO
			Exit Repeat
				if Imagefound ("ClickDownArrow")
					Click "ClickDownArrow"
				end if
				LogWarning "Unable to find Scrollbar" 
			end catch 
			moveto MouseLocation()+(15,0)
		end if
			End Repeat
	if Found then DoubleClick foundImageLocation ()
// some actions
End repeat

and also i need some code for(if PCT18 is not able to find )then skip the next step and will continue with next device.