OCR not recognizing my text in my app

I am testing on an iPad and trying to read an order number from a screen using ReadText(). It just does not interpret the text correctly no matter what parameters I use. I have the correct coordinates.

I think what might be the problem is that the app only renders in portrait and eggPlant picks up the iPad in landscape. Therefore all the content apears rotated by 90 degrees. See attached for example of how the order number is rendering in my test environment. Should ReadText be able read this text, or is there some other way I can get this order number?

Any suggestions or help would be so appreciated!

What VNC server are you using on the iPad? The OCR won’t be able to read the vertically oriented text, but if you use our eggOn server, you should be able to get the text oriented horizontally. Ask your account manager for information on obtaining eggOn.