OCR_ERROR - Failed to get Page Processing Params

This is being thrown when we try to run scripts containing “readtext” via an execution license (via command line). We did this to stop issues from finding images, instead we are now looking for text and now it just crashes the whole script.

OCR_ERROR - Failed to get Page Processing Params: An unknown error occurred while accessing /Applications/Eggplant.app/Contents/Resources/ABBYY/{B83CFF6C-579A-492C-BC01-86227EE452D9}.amd. 89

Now I’ve added the set option for the currenttextplatform as Generic OCR, but it still fails. Also tried setting the generator, but I don’t think it’s working or accepting it as the example only shows “native” and clearly it shows more in the drop down box than just “native”, so I’m assuming they are abbreviating, so I tried OCR Search and just “OCR”. Still it fails. What are we not doing here? And why is this so difficult to run from the command line. There is barely any help in the manuals for any of this stuff.

The ReadText() function will always use the OCR engine to attempt to read what’s on the screen.

The currenttextplatform will change how eggPlant searches when you do something ilke click (Text:“foobar”), but won’t change how ReadText works.

So the problem you are seeing is definitely something with OCR, but perhaps it’s not getting an image to search from or something. It would be helpful for you to send the full command that is failing to support@testplant.com along with a screenshot.

K, info has been sent…