OCR detection failures

I’m developing scripts for a Silverlight application that runs on various Windows and Mac platforms. Development is Eggplant 11.03 on Mac 10.6.8.

I’m having trouble using the new OCR function.

First problem was making sure the search rectangle is “big enough”. I get failures on some strings if the rectangle is too small even though there’s obvious space around the text. Increasing the size, usually by adjusting the upper left corner, seems to fix it across platforms.

The second problem is more subtle. I have a list of strings “Class 1” to “Class 6”. Each of these are successfully found within a search rectangle over a list. The SUT then moves the strings to a second list. Eggplant can successfully find strings 1 through 5 using a different search rectangle for that list but fails to find “Class 6”. Repeated execution of the script line in the Do line fails. I edit the Do script line to only find “6” (which is unique in the rectangle) and it is found. I edit the string back to “Class 6” and it’s now found successfully. Re-running the script results in the same fail/fix/pass scenario.

I also have other strings that are never found but wonder now if the failures are due to the above scenario.

All the above happen on a single SUT.

I’ve seen additional failures changing SUTs and from day to day but figure fixing the above will go a long ways toward solving these problems.