OCR a date function?

This is a good one.

So I type this in a form field:

typeText formattedTime("%m/%d/%Y", the date - 30 days)

Then this for page 2… but it’s not working…

WaitFor 10.0,  (text:"formattedTime("%m/%d/%Y", the date - 30 days)")

Any Idears?

Don’t put the search term in quotes – you’ve made it a string instead of a function call:

WaitFor 10.0,  (text:formattedTime("%m/%d/%Y", the date - 30 days)) 

That stays black for me… I tried retyping it… it looks right?

It’s right. I ran it before I posted it. Try typing it somewhere else in the script. You might have gotten a bad character when you cut and pasted.