“O”(Alphabet ‘O’) is being retrieved as “0”(Zero

Context of Challenge: I have one OrderID created automatically based on some trading business flow in a desktop based trading application, and I have to capture it, retrieve it and use it (as it is the only unique value available) to search one trading business record completely based on its uniqueness as part of the E2E trading business flow.

Challenge facing at the above context: The OrderID value generated by system is having one “O” (Alphabet ‘O’) and it is being retrieved as “0” (Zero), and hence, causing a failure in the search process of one specific trading business record as according to OrderID value generated.

For example, The Order ID retrieved is: “000007177640RHK1”, but the actual value generated by system is:"00000717764ORHK1”.

Well, Yes, Eggplant tool is experiencing challenges in differentiating the "O” with “0” in this case.

Any quick solution would be appreciated!

Just like a user, the OCR engine will have a difficult time determining the difference between an O and a 0. OCR is doing TRUE “optical character recognition”. If two characters look alike then the OCR is going to have a hard time differentiating them.

In a situation like this we highly recommend that you copy the selection to the clipboard instead of using the OCR. If that isn’t an option it would help to know if the ID’s follow a pattern – eg 5 numbers followed by 3 letters. If that’s the case then you can do some post-processing after the read to convert any values that might have been swapped.