Number of lines in answer-dialog

With the new eggplant 4.1.0 there are only two and a half lines in our answer-dialogs. So our 3 lines of text ouput are truncated.

In version 4.0.1 are 3 (or more?) lines of text possible.
Maybe you could this expand again in the next version-release of eggplant FT?

This limitation has been addressed in the latest maintenance release (4.11) which is available on the downloads page. It’s a free upgrade for anyone who has a current version 4 license, so please download it, peruse the release notes for information on the latest changes, and use it. :slight_smile:

Great! Thank you!

One more question: Where could we find online the actual version and the release notes?

I was nearly every day online in the forum on:

and from there the ‘Downloads’- and ‘News’-links shows the old version 4.1.

Today, with your posting i see, there are new pages for the forum:

and also for the downloads:

And here is the new version 4.1.1 :smiley:
But the release notes are again the olds :wink:

We found the actual release notes and the new documentation-pdfs with all links inside in the program. (Thank you for the pdf updates! :smiley: ) Because we use an external pdf-reader like [url=]Skim, we extracted now this files from inside the program-packet (right-click on the program-icon to see inside). :smiley:

Maybe Redstone can redirect the old forum-pages to the new pages?
And also put separately the new pdf-docus on the download-page?

Where we see first, when a new version is online in the future? (News-page? Or Download-page? Or better in the forum?)