Null Entry on SuiteStatistics

When i run any one the test cases from suite,it always creates so many null in the suite statistics.csv
I didn’t see that happens for me recently.Can u guide me whats wrong?

Here is the suite stats file
Script,Last Status,Runs,Fails,First Run,Last Run,Avg Time(Success)
ReportGenerator,Success,1,0,2012-05-14 13:50:42 +0200,2012-05-14 13:50:42 +0200,0:01:38
TC369_Tools_Online_Help_Verification,Success,2,1,2012-05-14 13:24:28 +0200,2012-05-14 13:38:40 +0200,0:08:37
TC366_WelcomeScreen_Videos_Links_Verification,Failure,3,2,2012-05-14 13:31:09 +0200,2012-05-14 13:54:27 +0200,0:06:03
HTMLReport,Success,2,0,2012-05-14 13:28:06 +0200,2012-05-14 13:30:20 +0200,0:00:00

Which version of eggPlant are you running and on what platform?

Eggplant version 11.22 mac
i have update to latest which is available now but i got the same so i have reverted back to 11.22

Why did you revert back? 11.3 has a number of bug fixes and some new features. And the only way that any issues ever get fixed is through the release of new versions.

Why are the null values an issue? Those lines correspond to scripts that exist but that have not been run. You should be able to ignore them.