NSMalloException Error

I’m getting NSMalloException :Attempt to allocate 4194304 bytes for NS/CFDate failed (null)

It’s continously coming on from this morning.I have no clue what the error is about ? It appears for any time not necessary that you should follow certain steps to reproduce it .

Do you have any idea what will be the root cause for this error and solutions to it.

Im totally stuck with this issue.Kindly help me out at the earliest

First, this is the kind of question that you should send directly to the support e-mail address – the forums are for less pressing questions that you think other users might be able to help with.

This sounds like an error that would occur on a Mac OS 10.5 machine that has not been rebooted for a long time. Can you verify the version of the operating system that you are using? Are you using large images in your scripts?

One other question: Can you open the Activity Monitor utility, find the windowserver process in the list, and tell us what the size of the process is that is shown in the “Real Mem” column?

Thanks Matt.
I gonna check with support team today with all the details you mentioned.

Thanks Matt…you suggestion worked…Hope you the same answered the query through Support.
I apologies for the late response