No service matching 'OpenURL' error when for trial license

Hi, just installed the v10.12 RPM on a Linux CentOS 5.4 OS. I have verified that I have network access and can connect to the website. However when I start eggplant I get the following error when I try to apply for a trial license

No service matching ‘OpenURL’

Any idea do I need additional rpm packages or is there additional logs I can take a look at to provide more information?

A recent website update has introduced a problem with the data coming from the inner-app trial request form.

While we fix that you can get a trial key by using the web-page here:
Eggplant Trial Request

Thanks for the reply, I have submitted a request for a trial license. We already have a node-locked floating license which we currently use on a MAC book. Does this license work with the linux version of eggplant once unregister the MAC version and register the Linux install instead?

I can’t verify this as I get the OpenURL error I initially posted about when I try this.


I’m sorry but you can’t swap licenses like that. The licenses for each platform are different.