Need information for session

Hi All,

We are using this tool from past few months and are required to conduct a session to introduce Eggplant tool in other projects. So please give your valuable suggestion for how can we organize and present about the whole tool to others.

Looking for everyone’s valuable suggestion… :slight_smile:

Eggplant is versatile in that it can test almost any application with a user interface because it is independent of what language or environment was used to code the application. You can think of Eggplant as a virtual user that sees and interacts with an application the way your end users will.

You may be accustomed to unit-test tools or object-level test tools that function by communicating with the test application at the code level. These tools of course, have to be tailored to the development environment. Just like a typical end user, Eggplant never communicates directly with the code or objects. Eggplant interacts with an application at the user interface, which allows it to test almost any application on almost any operating system provided that you have a VNC server running on the test platform.

Eggplant’s two computer setup also consumes less resources of the system under test, providing a more realistic test of the application.

If you need to present Eggplant to other projects, I would suggest implementing a handful of simple test cases that mimic typical cases for the projects in question. If you get stuck, just think how a real user would test the application manually. There is almost always a way to script a task given a real user’s approach. The scripting language, SenseTalk, features an english like syntax that is very easy to read and write, which should also make it easy for people not familiar with Eggplant to understand what is happening in your scripts.

As an illustration, the following code reads almost like an actual test case.

Click "btnImage"
DoubleClick "link"
TypeText ""

SenseTalk is also a full featured scripting language with repeat loops, conditional constructs, and other features that you would expect from a programming language, so don’t be afraid to experiment with more sophisticated test frameworks that involve programming.

Hope that sparked some ideas. Good Luck!