Need help in setting up eggPlant

My laptop configuration is:

  1. Macbook running Parallel for Windows 7
  2. There are 2 Epic versions I can have access to: One thru Citrix (running from IE browser) and the fat client.

I installed the egPlant and RealVNC trial version software in Windows Parallel environment.
Can someone help me on how to set up Connection for eggPlant?
The VNCServer reports that:
a. VNC Server is working normal in Service Mode.
b. The IP address is my Parallel IP address.
c. The URL is my Parallel address with port 5800.

To make it easy I want to run the Epic fat client version and create test script using eggPlant. How my Connection will look like?

Honestly, I don’t quite understand the need of VNC is my case.
Please help,


You should contact your Sales Engineer or account manager and they can walk you through the setup.


but that won’t really work since I am on a trial version and the only person I had contact till now is a Sales Consultant.
I am setting up a demo next week but I really want to take some time to get familiar with the tool now before the demo.

The sales consultant and the sales engineers work together to make sure that your trial goes smoothly and your questions are answered. The sales engineer would have been the person who actually performed the demo for you. Since you’re posting here more or less anonymously we can’t put you in touch with the right person or have them contact you to answer your questions. If you can tell us who you are, we can make sure that you get the assistance that you require.

Please send me an email. There is no other way I can contact you and some info should not be posted on forum publicly.


Thanks, Nghi,

I’ll make sure that someone gets in touch with you shortly.