Multiple developer licenses in 1 Mac machine


I’m just wondering how it is going to work if there are multiple developer licenses in one Mac machine. Let say I’ve 2 developer licenses installed in a Mac machine, can I have 2 users to develop Eggplant tests on the same Mac machine simultaneously? Can the fast switching mode in Mac allow this to happen? Please advice. Thanks.

Ai Choo

Yes, it’s possible to do this. But the only realistic way to have two people using the same Mac at once is for at least one of them to be signed in on a Fast User Switched login session that is in the background. You can access that session remotely through VNC. This isn’t as satisfying or convenient as using the Mac directly, but if you only have a single Mac it is doable.

The other choice is to pick up another Mac – a brand new Mac mini is only $599 which may be worth it for convenience in the long run. Just a thought.

What happen if I activate multiple remote desktop session in Vista? Which one will Eggplant connects to? Can I ask 2 Eggplant softwares (both installed in different Mac) to connect to different remote desktop session on the same Vista machine simultaneously?

Yes, you can do that as long as you have a unique VNC session running in each target SUT account. The easiest way to do that is just by running VNC on different port numbers.

I tried to activate concurrent remote desktop connections in my Vista machine, and configure VNC connections at different ports (5900 and 5901).

  1. I managed to have >1 remote desktop connections to the same vista machine simultaneously
  2. After executing step #1, connect to vista machine from Eggplant (using port 5900). The connection is not successfully with errors like this:
  • Connection reset by peer
  • No authentication
  • Authentication type not recognized

-> I did try to turn off my remote desktop connections before executing step 2, but Eggplant still failed to setup the connection for me.

I’m wondering whether the way I configure VNC connection is correct or not? Currently there is only 1 VNC license in my vista machine. With the use of 2 different ports, do I need to install another VNC license?

Please advice. Thanks

I am not sure that you need two VNC licenses, but it does sound like the second VNC isn’t configured to allow access. I’m not sure if that’s a built-in limitation with a second VNC or if the right settings will allow it. Which VNC server are you using?

I’m using RealVNC enterprise version