Multiple Desktop

Hi guys,

my university got a new Mac Pro 10.6.3 and my prof asked me, if there is an opportunity to use the it like a terminal server. I googled and found Vine Server. I installed it and followed the tutorial for multiple desktop.
But there is one problem, when i switch the user account (to start Vine Server there) the server on the other account stop because “Screen Resolution changed - Server Reinitialized”.
The resolution is the same on all accounts and the option “Stop server on a fast user switch” is disabled.

I would be very happy, if you can help me.

When you fast user switch the “screen” that the VNC server is sharing goes away (briefly) and then is replaced with a virtual one. That is the nature of the message that you are seeing.

The server should restart at that point and you should be able to reconnect (assuming you are running a desktop server for that account and it can get the VNC port that it’s looking for).

If it’s not coming back then something is wrong. Posting your log (as an attachment) may help clarify what’s wrong.

I logged into testAdmin account(which i want to control remotely).
Then I started the server and switched to my another account and I started the Vine Server there too. I could not connect to testAdmin with VNC so I switched back to view and save the log.

log1 = testAdmin
log2 = the other account