Multi-user Vine question

Funny, the caveat mentions that multiple users can have vnc access, and I’ve successfully accomplished this without issue. Unfortunately, this leads to a different, more “unix” style question, which may not exactly pertain to this forum, except that the solution is directly related to working with vine server.

Is there a way to automatically have multiple users logon at bootup on a Mac OS X 10.4 box? I’m currently using ARD for the primary VNC connection, as this macintosh is headless and located in the basement of my house. The procedure I currently follow is this

I use tightvnc to connect to the 5900 port (this is Apple Remote Desktop) I see the login screen for Mac OS X.

I choose Slave1, VNC disconnects. I reconnect on 5900, seeing the desktop of Slave1, which auto-launched Vine server on 5901.
I choose Slave2 from the account pulldown menu, VNC disconnects. I reconnect on 5900, see the desktop of Slave2, (Vine autolaunches port 5902).
I choose Slave3 from account pulldown, VNC disconnects, etc. etc…
I choose Slave4 from account pulldown, VNC disconnects, etc…etc…

Now at this point, I know all of the Slave accounts are running, their Vine servers are “singing” on 5901-5904, and all is well. It’s just that after a reboot, I have all of this connect and reconnect that needs to be done and those VNC disconnects are really annoying.

Of course, it’s not a major problem–but it is very annoying, especially when the wife and kids have no idea what the process to follow is, nor are they willing to do it themselves. I just find it amazing that such a process cannot be automated on bootup without falling back to some AppleScript or mouse scripting method. Anyone have any clues on how to hack something like this in?

We have a solution, but it’s not terribly elegant. Please refer to this post

If anyone has found a better solution though we would love to hear it.