Move TextPlatform between Macs

I’ve defined a couple of TextPlatforms with a few TextStyles using the TextStyle editor in preferences. Is it possible to move these to another Mac, or in my case place them under subversion control? I’ve tried to locate them in a file somewhere in the filesystem but without success so far.

If this is not possible, does anyone have a good tip on how to define these elsewhere for use on multiple macs without having to define these individually on each mac.


The TextPlatforms definitions are contained in a file called com.redstonesoftware.TextPlatforms.plist which is located in your home Preferences folder (~/Library/Preferences). You can copy this file to the Preferences folder for a user on another machine.

This is described in the Text Preferences section of the Eggplant Reference Manual, which also mentions that this file can be copied into a Suite to provide a local definition of textPlatforms for that suite.

Thanks! I flipped through the Eggplant Reference Manual but I guess I missed that section.