Mouse and Cursor Movement

Greetings all-

First off, great development, I’m enjoying the new features!

After a reformat of my Mac (10.4.8, Vine Server 2.1) I find that after connecting remotely on a PC (RealVNC or UltraVNC) I have no mouse or keyboard control, despite unchecking the “disable remote control of keyboard and mouse” .

I’ve restarted the CPU, as well as the server itself (it is configured as a startup item)

Any suggestions? I strongly believe I’m overlooking something but I cannot seem to locate it.

Thanks, and keep up the good work!

My assumption is that you are using Vine Viewer to connect to a RealVNC or UltraVNC server. If this is correct what version of Vine Viewer are you running?

I am using Vine Server 2.1 on my Mac, and attempting to connect to it using RealVNC or UltraVNC on a PC.

You probably need to reconfigure your system server. The system server will assume any preferences that you have at the time that you create the system server. Therefore, if you had unchecked “disable remote control of keyboard and mouse” after you created your system server you will need to make the necessary changes and then restart the server to make the necessary adjustment. (From the “Startup” tab).

You might want to verify within a terminal window that the system server is terminated appropriately once you click “Stop System Server”.

Thanks again for the reply.

As I said in the initial thread, I’ve restarted the server, and even restarted the CPU running the server with no luck. This is what is baffling me.

You might need to configure your input options on the viewer side.

Realvnc has options for pointer events and keyboard events that you can disable/enable.

Good thought.

I assumed the same, but have yet to find any changes needed. I even attempted to use RealNVC on another computer (oustide of the LAN) with no luck, and using Chicken of the VNC on another Mac outside the LAN.

All this is telling me that something is wrong on the Server side. Perhaps my prefs need to be trashed?

Any other suggestions? I recall this working right outta’ the box when it was OSXVNC, perhaps soemthing got altered in the changeover.

Many continued thanks.

Try restarting the server on a different port to see if the server is even getting restarted.